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Joe Weil is a Terrifying Genius

Joe Weil is a rare creature, and I never know how to take him. He blogs regularly at THEthe Poetry—usually something related to reading or interpreting poetry, and half the time I’m 100%, gung-ho on board with what he’s saying. It’s like the heavens part and Jesus spits a big poetry loogie right down my throat. However, there are other times when he completely loses me. It’s always something dense and mentally demanding; I usually just curse him and give up. His newest article about inattention in poetry was both of those scenarios all rolled into one.

What made me beg for mercy:
-The setup.
Sometimes I think Weil is a madman. Those twelve different types of inattention are so terrifyingly fucking specific. I thought that was cool, but some of them were way out there. I had to brush up on my Edenic of Pre-Formative Inattention. 

What I loved:
-The application.
When he finally got around to explaining how we can use his list in reading poetry it clicked for me. What’s excluded can be just as important as what’s there. Wish I would’ve thought of that one myself.

Go check out the whole article for yourself and let me know what you think! 

2 years ago
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